YOURgage Loan

Most lenders will require you to either go with one of several pre-existing loan terms, in five year intervals. So if you only have 18 years left on your loan, you may be forced into either a 15 year loan, which could raise your payment; or a 20 year, which means it will extend your repayment period out by an extra two years.
The YOURgage is the mortgage that is customized to meet your needs. This is a fixed interest rate, conventional loan that allows for you to choose a customized loan term between 8 and 30 years in length. This program is available for a purchase of a new home, or refinancing a home you already own.

  • This program allows you to keep the number of years you have left the same. For example, if you have 17 years left on your loan, you may choose to make the new loan terms be 17 years.

  • Lower your interest rate, without adding an extra 13 years to your repayment term.

  • Potentially save thousands of dollars in interest.

Speak with a loan professional today to find out more about the YOURgage.