7-Year Discount Club Guarantee

When your loan funds with Coastal Pacific Lending, Inc. you will automatically be enrolled into our 7-Year Guarantee Program. * You may refinance with us again within 7 years and we will waive our lender fee, pay for your title and escrow fees, and provide a free appraisal on your refinance.

* You must fully qualify for the selected refinance and meet all the requirements of the loan program you select at the time you apply for the refinance. Your loan approval for any future loan is not guaranteed. The appraised value of your home for the future refinance is not guaranteed. There must be a full appraisal of your home when the new refinance is requested, and the value at that time must be acceptable for the program and loan terms you request. The interest rate for the future loan is not guaranteed. You will have to qualify for the loan requested and will be quoted the interest rates in effect at the time of your next refinance. (Refinancing within the 84 month period must meet the state/federal laws containing seasoning restrictions.) This Guarantee is non-transferable. “Lender fees” do not include discount points associated with your loan transaction. Appraisal fee refunded once the new loan funds. This Guarantee may not be redeemed within 180 days of the Date Issued.